November 2017 Posts

The story of disaster

Landlords! Yesterday we announced the tough change we had to make and we decided to cut some of the in-game money. As you probably saw, we are returning your lost coins and refunding your previously sold properties, but we would also like to tell you the story of how all of this happened.

Some time ago a in-game bug created an insane amount of money. To get an majestic price of your bets or properties may have looked like a lot of fun at first, but it made the game unplayable at some levels and devastated the marketplace. The cashtank of many players was filled thousand times over capacity, bids were impossible to reach for most of the users. Something had to be done as soon as possible, or the game would die in a matter of weeks. To take the cash away was an almost impossible choice, but we didn’t see a better solution, since the situation required immediate action. By doing this we’ve saved the game, but we’ve also created a problem for our users.


At this point we would like to sincerely tell you – we are extremely sorry. If we wouldn’t have done this, there would be no more Landlord Real Estate Tycoon to play next month. Our first step was to heal the economy, our next one – to give you 1000 coins for the (Black) Golden Friday. No strings attached, just coins for everyone. It is crucial to remember, that this ISN’T A COMPENSATION, it’s just a gift. We will be returning your lost properties or unfairly taken money that wasn’t fake, and if this isn’t possible, you are going to get the accurate amount in coins. It’s going to take some time, but we’re going to work day at night to fix this situation. You can send us an email at with your situation, but if you won’t – we will still do our best to offer you a compensation.



SOLVED – fake properties issue

Landlords! Thanks to your quick reaction we’ve been able to fight a worrying plague – fake properties. Our recent changes will prevent these outrageous acts of vandalism in the future.

As a result we’ve decided to drop support for all unverified properties on Foursquare. We are strongly recommending to stop purchasing obviously fake properties and if you’ve acquired them already, we encourage you to sell then as quick as possible. You can still add properties but they will appear in the game once they’re verified on Foursquare. This process of database cleaning may take up to several weeks, but will solve with this issue for good.

We would also like to point out that purchasing in game money from other players is illegal and players connected to this activity will be banned immediately (buyers and sellers). We’ve received a lot of complains from players, who tried to acquire in-game currencies or places from unknown individuals and despite paying – never received anything. Our strong standpoint is dictated by the need to defend our users. Should you get any shady offers from other players – please, let us know as soon as you can at

We’re certain that these actions will increase your playing satisfaction. Thank you for you continuous support and understanding!

Ultimate city sale!

Landlords! We appreciate your feedback, that’s why we’ve prepared a long-desired feature – cheaper cities – accessible for everyone!

You’ve asked us in the past months for a handful of upgrades and fixes. Among them were the newly installed daily login bonus and a more user friendly interface. But one of the most desired changes were cheaper cities – especially when it comes to coins. We’ve decided to fulfill your wish and for the next few days cities and special venues cost only 20% of their base value. But that’ not all – the usual concern was also the accessibility of cities, that were difficult to find, as they only appeared near the center of the real existing settlement. From now on you’ll have at least 3 cities at the top of the “Buy properties” list, so you’ll not be forced to plan a difficult terrain search.

This weekend we’ve also prepared out standard 50% more coins campaign. It is always a good time to have a lot of coins, that’s why we want to help you to acquire them in a higher number. We’re also sending out personalized emails to our most devoted players, asking them for feedback and offering them special coin deals. If you would like to be part of this project, please send us your email address to

Remember, if you have any other ideas or propositions to make our game better, let us know. We always appreciate your feedback and reviews and we’re always available for you on or on Facebook. Don’t hesitate to send us your insights and opinions and if you like the game – share it with other people helping us to grow the game and prepare a ground for other upcoming projects from Reality Games! Stay tuned!